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Update ContextSDK

The latest ContextSDK version: 4.3.0 released on 2024-06-03.


Run pod update, or if you specified a specific version in your Podfile, run pod update ContextSDK.

  1. Download the latest release:
  2. Drag & Drop the ContextSDK.xcframework folder into the Xcode file list
  3. Go to your project settings, scroll down to Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content, add ContextSDK.xcframework, and select Embed & Sign

If you want to download a specific version, you can replace latest with the desired version number, e.g.

SPM has a few issues when it comes to caching its dependencies, so please be sure to follow all the steps below:

  • Trigger an update of SPM using your preferred method (Right Click -> Update Package or Swift Packages -> Update to Latest Package Versions)
  • Clear Derived Data
  • Clean Build
  • Run the app again, and verify ContextManager.sdkVersion() is the latest version

Alternatively you can also specify the specific version of ContextSDK you want to use.

React Native

npm install react-native-context-sdk@latest
yarn up react-native-context-sdk


  1. Download the latest version of ContextSDK:
  2. Drag & drop the ContextSDK.xcframework into the Assets/Plugins/iOS folder of your Unity project
  3. Add the ContextSDKBinding.cs script next to it